Sunday, 27 September 2009

10km - Cancer Reseach Run 10km, Hampton Court

Well today was the day of my first 10km run. I was feeling pretty okay about it - I've run walked the distance a few times and did a 5 mile race a few weeks ago in 59:30, and as usual I'd set myself two finish times - under 80 minutes for 'not disappointed' and under 75 minutes for 'very pleased'!

I was soooo hot today, but a lovely flat course. Felt quite nervous at the start - all the usual 'what have I done', 'why did I enter this', 'I can't run this far' niggles! Took my a while to get into in - around 3km I really wanted to walk, but told myself I wasn't stopping before 5km as I know I can run at least that far without walking.

But I got to 5km and I was feeling good - I was only 20 seconds off my 5km PB at this point, and so I carried on running to 6km and then 7km. I was running pretty consistent 7 minute kms, so could predict when the next km markers were coming. Slowed down a bit around 8km - thighs were a bit tired. But carried on running. Got to 9km and thought 'there's no way I'm stopping to walk now!'. Checked my watch - 63:30 if I could run the last km in 6:30 I'd get a sub-70 time!

So I picked up my pace a bit - legs feeling worn by now. Then saw the '500m to go' marker and kicked up a gear into a fast run. Crossed the line in 68:26. I still can't believe it! :D

I was trying to decide if I'm more please about my finish time or the fact that I ran the *whole* way, and you know, I think its actually the fact that I ran all of it.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

5 Miles - Fittleworth Five, Fittleworth

Did the Fittleworth Flyers 5 miler today, having only done race for life before. Its a fairly small, mostly club runners run, in preparation for my 10km in a few weeks.

Been feeling pretty nervous about it all week, and when I arrived 90% of the runners had club vests on. I reminded myself that it didn't matter where I came, my goal was to finish, and preferably in under 60 minutes.

The course was much hillier than I'd expected - after the first corner was a steep hill about 1/2 mile long and the path was only wide enough for 2 people! Had to walk up the last part (not great) but the shot off down the otherside, overtaking about 10 people :) The ground was very uneven throughout - boulders the size of your head, roots as thick as thighs and rabbit holes etc - required strong ankles!

Managed the second half faster than the first half and also a sprint at the end (I do love a good sprint finish!)

According to my HRM my time was 59:20 - just made it under 60 minutes! Am still waiting for the final results to be posted - the provisional ones are up, but I think they're wrong. I crossed the line just after 2 other women and yet they've put my time down as 60:40 with the person before me at 59:30. Should I email them if the final results say the same?

Feel a bit disappointed with today's run and can't work out why - didn't get that feeling of elation after finishing it. Maybe its because I did it on my own - no one cheering me at the end (well, no one I knew!).