Friday, 7 May 2010

Running Tour: Richmond Park

So for something a bit different, I thought I'd take you on a running tour around one of my favourite running spots: Richmond Park.

Richmond Park is an amazing place to run - its huge (about 7 miles around the perimeter and countless routes within that!) and its also very scenic. There are lots of pretty paths...

...beautiful gardens...

And the views are amazing!

One of my favourite points is King Henry VIII's Mound. There's a specially protected view, between a carefully cut hole in the bushes where you can see 10 miles to St. Paul's Cathedral. Below is the view with the naked eye...

And this is the view using the telescope:

Of course it wouldn't be a proper visit to the park without seeing lots of deer!

This guy even posed for a photo! ;)


  1. I'm really jealous! I'd love a huge park like that nearby, it's lovely

  2. Good Luck for the Bracknell half x

  3. Looks lush, did you run up any mole hills :D