Sunday, 25 October 2009

10 Miles - Great South Run, Portsmouth

I will try to keep this short because I am sleeeeeeeepy! Just got back after a long day of goods :) and bads :(

So twas my first GSR/first 10 mile race/first 10 mile run(!) today! Was a lot warmer than expected and there were *so* many people there (over 20,000 I believe). I started in the last wave, so after waiting for ages for almost every single other person to start, I was finally off. First person stopped to walk bang in front of me after about 10 metres - at least they tried - right?! :P

The first 6 miles were really good - I enjoyed them. :) Then it was all a bit downhill from there, got a stitch just after 6 miles, then tummy cramps so I walked for about 3 minutes, then had to stop at mile 7 to go to the loo! Ran 7-8, then turned the corner onto the seafront to be blasted by the strongest winds! Hardly moved - a friend described it as trying to run in treacle, which is a pretty accurate description! Then legs decided they'd had enough - boo to them! Walked for a few more minutes, then saw the 9 mile sign and thought I'd better start running. Legs were sore at this point but managed to pick up the pace and run to the finish line.

I predicted my time would be around 2hrs 15mins. My chip time was 2:03:11 :D Forget to check HRM when I crossed the line, but think it was still over 2 hours (I'd stopped it when I stopped for the loo). Slightly annoyed I didn't scrape in under two hours, but did better than I'd hoped, so am 'appy with that!

There was fantastic support all the way round - hardly a single section that didn't have spectators along, as well as several bands playing music on the route, plenty of water on offer and a good goodybag too.

Then had to walk the 1.5 miles back to the restaurant where I had a yummy lunch/dinner with friends.

Would I do it again? If you'd asked me two minutes after finishing I would've said no, but I think I've got to try and beat 2 hours haven't I..? :D

(Okay, so that wasn't very short! :D)

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