Sunday, 8 November 2009

5.9 Miles - TVXC: Datchet Cross Country

I showed up for this, my first cross country event, to find the field packed with 'proper' runners. I glanced down at my Sandhurst vest and realised I was one of them! Why else was I in a muddy field on a cold Sunday morning?!

Although it was the first cross country event of the season, in reality, it was more 'off-road' as although it was muddy it was completly flat! I started at the back of the group with a couple of other runners from my club - we'd decided to run at a steady pace and not worry about coming last (its only the first 10 people or so that actually score points for the club, the rest of the runners are just there for fun). After a lap of the field, we were off. It was pretty muddy and slippery in places, but not too bad. I kept my pace steady, and am pretty sure I ran a negative split race. I managed to over-take 3 people in the last mile and even managed a little spurt at the end! :)

The marshalls were amazing and every single one of them (and there were a fair few on the way round) clapped and cheered me on as I ran past - it was a really nice atmosphere and there was cake a refreshments after the run.

I was really pleased as my pace for this race was 10:43 - my quickest pace ever and first one under 11:00 per mile. My pace for my previous off road race was 11:32, so it would seem that although I haven't noticed it, I am finally getting faster :D

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