Monday, 7 February 2011

Training Plan: Week 6

Back to the usual routine this week (mainly working all hours and trying to squeeze in some training!). I'm also re-starting the healthy eating - I fugure that the marathon will be slightly easier with less of my ass to drag round it!

M - Netball Match (60 mins)

T - 6 x 400m @ 10:00 with 200m rec (+w/u & c/d)

W - Rest

T - 7mi @ 12:00 (marathon pace)

F - Rest

S - 16mi @ 13:00 (slow pace)
After last week's 14 miler, I am not looking forward to this!

S - Rest

1 comment:

  1. Ha, I also had the same thought about weight when I was training! I forgot to say that broccoli with houmous is also really good :)

    Hope your legs cooperate this eve. Just don't think too much about Saturday. Save the battle for when you're actually out doing it!