Saturday, 13 February 2010

Another PB!

Went to the new ParkRun again today, for the first 'official' one. After last week's 'PB', I wanted to try and match the time. Because last week was a test run, a few of us took a wrong turning (due to a missing sign!), which ended up being a bit of a shortcut, but then we sort of doubled up on ourselves. The point being that I couldn't be 100% sure whether I'd actually run 5km - it could have been a bit over or under. So this week, (following the directions properly!) I wanted to make sure that I actually had improved on my PB.

I started off quite quickly, but managed to maintain that pace for the first lap (of the two lap course), so I ran that in 14:50 - on target for the PB. I slowed down a bit on the second lap, but kept making a conscious effort to up my pace (it seems so natural to slow down a bit, and sometimes I find this happens almost without realising it). I hadn't started my HRM at exactly the right time, so had to wait for the official results to come through on email.

Before last weeks unofficial PB, my 5km PB stood at 31:52, last week's time was 31:18 and today's time was (drumroll please!) 30:10!

I'm so pleased - almost 110 seconds off my PB, the first sub-10 minute mile race I've ever run and I now I know that a sub-30 time is well within my reach! :D

I also got a free Nite Vision reflective bib as it was the first race - which was a nice surprise at the end. :)

Time: 30:10
Pace: 9:42 min/mile


  1. Fantastic news. I'm so chuffed for you. It makes the effort so worthwhile doesn't it?

    Keep Running!


  2. woo hooo get you!! :)

    though i'm sure i read/wrote that "not every race can be a PB" :P

    you're gonna kick ass at bath xx

  3. Bah - of course every race can be a PB! Although I'm sure I'll have one soon that isn't. Just have to kep doing new distances I guess :D