Saturday, 27 February 2010

New Shoes!

I decided to bite the bullet and get some new running shoes today. These are quite overdue, but due to budget and time issues I haven't got around to getting new ones. I went to Sweatshop in Woking, where the lovely people helped me out.

The analysed my gait, and I tried on about five different pairs of shows - its amazing the differences you can feel - even between seemingly simlar shoes! After trying several of the shoes out on the instore treadmill, I am now the proud owner of a pair of New Balance WR1063 trainers!

I now have just one week to decide whether to wear these for Bath Half or to stick with my old, but knackered trainers - any thoughts?


  1. stick with your old ones i reckon as you dont want any surprises on the day. x

  2. stick with your old ones for sure - you'll not have enough time on feet to properly break the new ones....fat to lean is 100% right last thing you want are any unexpected surprises on the day x

  3. other words of wisdom....if you can, try & get a sports massage this week before the bath half x

  4. I love new shoes! I'd stick with the old ones too, then slowly alternate between the new and old to break the new ones in :)