Friday, 5 March 2010

Short Long Run and Body Pump!

Although last week was my last long long run (12 miles) before Bath Half Marathon, today was still long run day - just a short one! I can't believe I'm actually calling a 6.5 mile run short - I sound like one of those annoying runner types! :D

Decided to go along the canal towpath, although it was more puddles than path in places!

Legs felt good throughout, and 6 miles felt like a breeze compared to my recent runs in excess of 9 miles. Can't believe my first half marathon is on Sunday! I keep alternating between total denial ("its not really happenening"), to complete delusion ("I'm definitely going to finish in under 90 minutes") to utter panic ("why on earth did I enter this?").

Went to my first body pump class in the evening - in a bid to try new exercises and also do more strength training - body pump ticked both boxes. Arrived at the class and told the instructor I was new etc, she helped me get some equipment (weights, step, matt). When deciding what weights to give me, she said 'you look pretty fit - you're a runner right?' and started selecting some heavy looking weights! "Don't be fooled", I said "I hardly ever lift weights!" I realise now, that perhaps wearing my 'Grim Race: Survivor' t-shirt might have given her the wrong impression! ;)

I made myself a scrummy tuna pasta bake when I got home - tuna, mixed veg (sweetcorn, peas carrots) and wholewheat pasta in a creamy tomato sauce topped with cheese (that's two portions in the picture by the way!).

Now to start my mental preparation for Sunday's race (and the carb loading of course!) :P


  1. I *love* your grim survivor face :D

    Best of luck for Sunday if I don't 'speak' to you before Rachel!

    x x

  2. Good Luck for Sunday. I've got a 5k race but will be thinking of you.
    Look forward to your post half maraton blog


  3. wish u best for sunday :)
    love coming across other uk bloggers!