Sunday, 21 February 2010

Last Long Run...

...Before Bath Half. A 12 miler scheduled for today - my longest distance ever. Had my usual porridge breakfast, waited a couple of hours and got ready to go. Packed some Dextro energy tabs, lucozade and jelly beans for fuel.

My running fuel

Route was all planned out, so off I set. First 2 miles were okay, except I realised I need the loo, so had to make a little detour to Fleet train station to use their toilets (classy lady!). I struggled a bit around mile 3-4. It was a mental wobble, mainly because I realised I was only 1/4-1/3rd of the way through the run :(

Miles 4-9 were really good - I ran 95% of the distance and my legs felt strong :) I'd planned out a loop route, but as I got near mile 6, I reaslied that the second half of the run was mainly on the road (whereas the first half had been through woodland, around the pond and along the canal). I decided I wanted to stay off the road, so just turned around and went back the way I came. Its so much more tranquil off the road, with a lot less distractions and obstacles!

Basingstoke Canal

Legs got really tired around mile 9-10, and my knees started to hurt, which I haven't experienced before, I walked the majority of this mile, but the rest did me good and I was able to run the rest of the way home. The last 2 miles were tough, mentally and physically, but then I find the last 2 miles are always tough, no matter how far you run!

The trouble with off road running, is that its a lot muddier than pavements! My shoes were in a right state at the end!

My muddy shoes - think they'll need a wash!

Finally got home, and was starving! Well, breakfast had been some 6 hours earlier! I wanted something quick and satisfying, so had beanfeast (with added grated carrot and courgette), chips and cheese and a peach yogurt for after! It looks like a very unhealthy meal, but its actually not too bad. Around 600 calories for the meal and a good 50/25/25 split.

My beanfeast, chips and cheese combo :)

Slightly disappointed that the pace is so slow, as I know I kept a good pace for the middle 7 miles or so. I guess the walking didn't help and I had to stop a couple of times to stretch out. Will hopefully be quicker in two weeks! I know I'll be able to get round though, whatever the time. And, as I must keep reminding myself, my aim is just to finish - it'll be a PB whatever my time is! :)

12.27 miles
Time: 2hrs 35mins 50secs
Pace: 12:42 min/mile
Calories Earnt: 822


  1. you're doing great & reading your blog helps keep me going too so you are helping others as well. Hope you had a lovely relaxing remainder of the day


  2. well done, I'm only up to 7 and struggling!