Monday, 17 January 2011

Sunday Catch Up: Week 2

Training: End of week two, slightly more miles and another missed run...

M - Netball match / Netball match
In the wind and rain - we won 21-16 :)

T - 5mi @ 12:15 / 4mi @ 12:12
After finishing work late, I didn't have time to do the full 5 miles, so focused on matching the required pace. Although my splits weren't very even; 13:23, 11:32, 13:03, 10:52!

W - 3mi fartlek / Rest
My legs were so achey after the first netball match since before Christmas followed by the run the next day that I was sore just walking, so didn't think a speed session was a very clever idea!

T - Rest / Rest

F - Rest / Rest

S - 10mi @ 12:15 / 10mi @12:30
A bit slower than planned, but felt okay with the mileage, and not too sore the next day!

S - Rest / Rest

Total Distance: 14 miles

Weight: 0.5lbs down :)

Summary: Still only two runs of the planned three, but I knew this would happen as training clashes with the busiest thre months at work, so I'll continue to prioritise the long run over speed work - my aim is to finish, not to be fast over the first 10km then collapse!

Thought: Do the best you can, where you are, with what you have now.


  1. I think the netball win made up for missing the speed session. Keep it up.

  2. I love that quote.

    And you got a real laugh out loud (not just an internet one!) for "my aim is to finish, not to be fast over the first 10k then collapse!"

    You're very wise Rach :-)

  3. K - netball can sometimes feel like a speed session; lots of short bursts of sprinting (although over 10 metres rather than 800!)

    A - Some people would say "wise", others would say "excellent at coming up with excuses"! :D