Monday, 17 January 2011

Training Plans: Week 3

The start of Week Three marathon training! My plans for the week look like this:

M - Netball training (60 mins)

T - 5mi @ 12:15 (easy pace)

W - 6 x 400m @ (10:00) with 200m recover (+w/u & c/d)

T - Rest

F - Rest

S - 12mi @ 13:00 (slow pace)

S - Rest


  1. Tell me to butt out, but is there a reason why you're running on Wednesday and not thurs? Seems like that would be a better spread..

  2. I help out with Guides on a Thursday, which is 7-9pm (I go there straight from work). So although its a 'rest' I'm not sat on the sofa! The other option is to move the long run to Sunday and run Tues/Fri/Sun... Maybe I'll see how this week goes.

  3. Tuesday, Friday, Sunday would work nicely and sunday is the 'traditional' long run day.

    Only thing I have against Sunday over Saturday is that there's no option to delay. If there were gales on Saturday you could always postpone to Sunday.