Monday, 24 January 2011

Training Plan: Week 4

Coming to the end of month one now - doesn't time fly when you're trying to fit lots of running into an already-crammed schedule! :D

M - Netball Match (60 mins)

T - 8 x 2 min hills jog/walk down recovery (+w/u & c/d)
Note to self - find hill!

W - Rest

T - 5mi @ 11:45-12:00 (marathon pace)

F - Rest

S - 14mi @ 13:00 (slow pace)
This will be my longest run *ever*!

S - Fly to Madrid!
Not at all relevant to my training, but something to look forward to, especially after those loooooong 14 miles! :D


  1. Hi Rachel, sounds good. I do hill intervals on the treadmill if |I can't get a real hill!

  2. Why are you going to Madrid why are you going to Madrid!?

    Good luck Saturday :-)

  3. Fudgey - I have managed to locate a hill! Its 'nice' and long as well! :D

    Alison - shouldn't I be going to Madrid?! Its just a mini-break with Carl :)

  4. No, that was excitement, not disapproval! :-) Have a great time--I've never been but I hear great things.

  5. Ah - the trouble with virtual conversations! I've never been either, but am (very!) slowly ticking off major European cities. Maybe us lot could do another over the summer...