Monday, 10 January 2011

Weekly Plans

The start of Week Two marathon training! My plans for the week look like this:

M - Netball match (60 mins)

T - 5mi @ 12:15 (easy pace)

W - 3mi fartlek (average 10:00)

T - Rest

F - Rest

S - 10mi @ 12:15 (easy pace)

S - Rest

Here's hoping next Sunday's catch up looks identical to the plan! ;)


  1. Hope netball was fun in this weather! :-/

    Does Saturday's 10 miler mean you have to wait for Mrs T and AJ back at the car? I so bleeding wish I could run, I'd come keep you company.

  2. Netball was soggy and cold!

    There shouldn't be much (if any) waiting around because they are much faster runners than me! I've never done a long run with company (most people would get bored at my pace!), so am quite used to it now :)